Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome To People Pay Tribute

It's true that I usually blog about under rated artists, and who is more under rated than a working class girl who happens to come home from work and pour her heart out in beautiful songs, she can sound like Karen Carpenter, and she can sound like Patsy Cline, she is quite the youtube celebrity, with her smooth, sexy voice, and looks, she is sure to go far, best wishes to songtruth from peoplepaytribute.blogspot.com

She does cover versions of popular songs, well, I've got some advice, songtruth, get your own song, and you will probably have a record deal in a week lol, here she is, the lovely songtruth, maybe she will stop by and leave us a comment, I am thrilled to have found someone living who sings like Patsy Cline and Karen Carpenter, I usually don't do this, but I was blown away by her voice
Remeber us when you hit the big time
to hear more from songtruth, visit youtube.com/songtruth


Guitar Man

Annie's Song, she sure gives John Denver a run for his money

Rainy Days And Mondays

I Need To Be In Love

We're back and running, I don't know if anyone missed this page or not, but I am now updating again, for the first time in many months, I am trying to make sure that all my video links are working, and that fun stuff, and I am adding some new people to my page, so check back often

In the process of being updated ( finally ) please be patient , unfortunately, I can no longer offer free streaming songs from the people that the blog is about, it just takes to long to upload, and they get deleted too soon, sorry, but here is what I will do, I will upload songs by one artist each month, I will call it " Artist of the month " and, that month, I will make sure that there are songs by that artist up and running, after the month is up, I will not delete the songs, but I will stop re-uploading them, and they will all eventually get deleted, but this way, it's more fun than not having any music at all, and still not as time consuming that way

Welcome to people pay tribute, as you may have guessed, this is a tribute page, to not only one, but many people , many of the people on my page don't even have decent official websites with information, you will find a lot of information here, I have the best of all worlds Video, Audio, and Info, Enjoy!!!

Have A Great Summer

Loretta Lynn, current artist of the month !!!
New Loretta Lynn Tribute ( June 14, 2008 )

Dottie West Tribute Coming soon

Here is a video of Country Sunshine by Dottie, sorry, that's all for now


My George Burns and Gracie Allen tribute